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As a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and nutritional coach I am here to help you achieve your goals for a better level of fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

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Hi, I’m Bjarne.

As a Fitness instructor, personal trainer, and nutritional coach I am here to help you achieve your goals for a better level of fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Living in the world today can be demanding. Between job, family, and hobbies, it is not always easy to find the time to exercise, and if you can find the time to get to the gym, how do you know which exercises to do, and how to do them?

This is where I can help you by constructing viable training programs to best manage the time you spend exercising, with your personal trainer and when you train alone.

Martial Arts

I have been teaching historical sword fighting for 25 years and have experience with various martial arts and combat styles, so I am ready to see you fit to take your skills to the next level.


For years I have been an enthusiastic hiker and have even completed a 2500 km solo hike from the Northern most point of Norway to the southern tip of Sweden, so if you are looking to get into shape for a trek in the mountains, across the arctic tundra or merely for a Sunday walk in the woods, I can help you achieve the fitness requirements for you to reach your hiking goals.

Prioritizing YOU

I always prioritise your needs and wishes as well as your time. By getting to know your personal goals, I can ensure that you get the training schedule and nutritional coaching that is right for YOU and help you to a healthy attitude towards your goal, habits, and level of fitness.

I am not looking to make you do training exercises just because they would look great on Instagram. Instead, I will always choose the exercises and dietary recommendations that is best suited for you to achieve your goals.

With customized workout schedules and diet plans, you can obtain a healthier lifestyle and have the energy to do all the things you want to do.

To make you the best you can be.

Bjarne Dahl

Certified International Personal Trainer and Licensed Nutritional Advisor.

ereps certified

This is training for YOU

to make YOU

feel good about yourself.

Client Success Stories

Bjarne is a very passionate fitness trainer who loves what he does. I enjoy the variety of exercises that we do in group training, with suitable and exciting choice of music…. “come and try”

Thanks to his fitness exercises I felt well prepared for climbing Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden and for hiking in Nepal.

Martina B.

Bjarne’s group exercises target many muscle groups – We usually run 3 sets of exercises, 5 exercises in each, with breaks in between. Exercises are done to music, so you are bound to be in a good mood in less than 10 min! You could choose your own level of difficulty, which is helpful. Warmly recommended – come and try!

Nina F.

I have been attending Bjarne’s group work outs regularly on for a while now. They are well structured, with demonstrations of how to do each exercise and how to make it easier or harder to do it. We start and finish with warmup and stretching, and when I had back pain from work, I got good advice. There are always refreshments at hand, so I’m definitely intending to go on attending, and can recommend others to join as well.

Martin Lundin Osvalds

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