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Do you want to feel more balanced and energized? Do you want to be in control of how you feel every day? Signup for one of our programs today –

It’s never too late to take a step in the right direction.

My programs are designed to help you become a healthier version of yourself so that you can live the life that you deserve.

My programs cover many lifestyle topics, such as holistic health and wellness, fitness and exercise, nutrition and food sensitivities, mindfulness, emotional well being and spiritual growth.

Personal trainer helping a woman with her training.


You can slim down your looks while feeling amazingly perfect.

Do you want to get stronger, be able to run faster and longer, or do you want to lose weight or improve your mobility so you can play with the kids?

Whatever your reasons and goals for wanting to get fit, we will ensure that you get a tailor-made fitness program to fit YOUR needs. Through a personal consultation we will find a way to achieve your goal together. We will find the exercises that are exactly right for you to get to where you want to be.

Where do you want to train? How often do you want to train? All of this will be considered when designing your personal training schedule.

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Training at the Gym:
Benefits of training at the gym includes the access to training machines and a large variety of equipment.

At Fitness Hike:
Prefer a more private setting than a gym? Your training the Fitness Hike home gym in Önnarp can include a wide range of different exercise tools available for both indoor and outdoor use, (often depending on the season).

In your own home or garden:
This is an easy and convenient solution if you have limited time, but it does put some limits on the amount of exercises equipment available.

On-line training sessions are also possible.
The exercises will be tailored to the training equipment, (if any) you have available at your home and would be presented to you with video demonstrations as well as live consultations.

Buddy training:
It is sometimes easier and more fun to train together with a friend.
You save money and can motivate and challenge each other to being the best you can be.


You can slim down your looks while feeling amazingly perfect.

Training in a group is a great way to socialise and to make new friends, while getting more fit.

By training in a group, you can also challenge each other to do better and get stronger together.

The classes are designed for everyone, so no matter your level of fitness you can enjoy the exercises.

Tabata training:
Tabata is high intensity interval training, where everyone in the group is doing the same exercise at the same time. High intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest before another 20 seconds of high intensity. Each Tabata exercise is 4 minutes in total, so 8 cycles of 20 seconds exercising and 10 seconds’ rest.
In Tabata everyone follows the trainer and keep the same pace.

Circle training:
In circle training the different exercises are set up as individual stations and you go from one station to the next and do the exercise at your own pace.
Usually, we train 2 x 1 minute, with a short break between, on each exercise before moving on to the next.
This type of training is well suited for people of all fitness levels, as you decide your own pace.

Private groups:
Train with a group of your friends.
You get a group of friends together for one or more training sessions. You either provide a venue for the training or you can come to Fitness Hike in Önnarp and train here.

Family training:
Why not train together as a family?
Enjoy exercises designed for the whole family and improve your fitness level together.
All training programs will be customized to fit YOUR family’s needs and wishes.


Hiking is a great way to exercise and experience nature at the same time. You can hike alone or with family and friends.

Fitness Hike gives YOU to opportunity to get fit enough to do what YOU want to do, whether you want to reach the summit of Kebnekaise or Kilimanjaro, hike the length of Skaaneleden or across the Australian outback, or if you simply enjoy a Sunday walk in the woods with the kids or grandchildren.

Fitness Hike is for everyone, young and old and no matter your level of fitness, you can find a challenge here.

Together we aim to improve our fitness so we can do longer and more challenging hikes.

We do this by combining hiking with physical exercises along the way, and by doing it together as a group, we encourage each other and make the experience more fun.



Improve your company's bottom line.

Boost health and fitness levels for your employees and increase effectivity in the workplace at the same time.
Both in offices and other workplaces, efficiency is improved with better health and a higher level of fitness among employees.
By teaching some easy to do exercises and meditation tools, the effectiveness and both physical and mental health of your employees can be greatly increased.


You can slim down your looks while feeling amazingly perfect.

Are you looking to lose some weight? Do want to find a way to a healthier diet?

I can help to guide you in the right direction. Be it with some nutritional advice on how to get a healthy attitude towards your dietary habits, or a complete diet plan that tells you what, how much, and when to eat.

All Diet plans are customized to fit your needs and wishes.

Man in sportswear doing side lunges sports exercises at home

Fitness Hike Monthly Challenge

By spending 10-15 minutes a day, you will begin to see results after only 30 days with our monthly challenges

What is a monthly challenge?

Monthly challenges also known as 30-day challenges have become very popular on social media.

The idea is to do the same exercise or set of exercises for one whole month.  Some of these challenges work very well, others don’t.

The problem is most monthly challenges focus on a single type of exercise, for example doing 100 squats every day. While this is a great workout for your legs and glutes, it neglects the muscle groups in your upper body such as arms, chest, and abs.

With the Fitness Hike monthly challenge, you will get a full body workout, through a variation of exercises, while still focusing on a chosen major muscle group, such as abs or leg muscles.

Tailored to different levels of fitness.  Each Fitness Hike monthly challenge is tailored for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, so there will always be the right level of the challenge for you.

In the comfort of your home.  The challenges are designed for you to be able to enjoy daily training without going to the gym.

10-15 minutes a day.  These challenges don’t require a huge time commitment.  By spending 10 – 15 minutes every day you will be able to see improvements in your fitness level with each new challenge.

Get started today!  Test yourself with new challenges every month.


Become a VIP and get all these perks!

For a small amount of money, you get access to a lot of perks at Fitness Hike.

The On-line Exercise database is growing every month with new exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment, and every month there is a new Fitness challenge for you.

  • 15% discount on Personal Training
  • 15% discount on Nutritional Coaching
  • 30% discount on Group Events

Get discounts on group events and personal training as well as nutritional coaching.

Get access to the Fitness Hike on-line exercise database.

Get free use of the Fitness Hike hotline where you can ask me for advice on training and nutrition.

Get free participation in new Fitness challenges every month.

3 Month Minimum

kr 100 Monthly
  • 15% Discount on Personal training
  • 15% Discount on and Nutritional Coaching
  • 30% discount on Group Events
  • Access to On-line Exercise Database
  • Free Fitness Hike Hotline
  • Free participation in Monthly Challenges

1 Year

kr 1000 Yearly
  • 15% Discount on Personal training
  • 15% Discount on and Nutritional Coaching
  • 30% discount on Group Events
  • Access to On-line Exercise Database
  • Free Fitness Hike Hotline
  • Free participation in Monthly Challenges
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